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We Are Your Complete Modular Solution.

Modular buildings offer a fast, cost-effective and high-quality solution for any premises. At Paragon Space, we believe that our buildings don’t just give you a great flexible space, but we make it simple for you too. We give you a full turnkey solution to guide you through the entire process and present you with a building that is ready to go.

Paragon Space make modular easy.

We understand that taking on a new building project can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Our friendly team are here to take the stress out of your project and streamline the entire process. We deliver exceptional modular buildings with a complete turnkey approach that makes the whole process smoother, faster and stress-free.

A Tailored Space That’s A Perfect Fit

We know that no two projects are the same, and that’s why Paragon Space offers an entirely bespoke service. Whether you are looking for motivational office space, inspirational education facilities or a welcoming healthcare unit, we can ensure you have just what you need. Our designers will work closely with you to realise your building’s potential.

Total project management

We organise your whole project with complete transparency. Our team will listen to your requirements and keep you informed with regular progress reports. We believe in creating a comfortable relationship with you with open communication so you can ask any questions along the way. We want you to feel completely involved in your new project to give you total confidence and peace of mind.

Keep On Track

We’re sure you know that modular buildings offer a faster answer to your needs than traditional construction. Using the Paragon Space solution will see you get into your new space much quicker than choosing a brick-and-mortar option. You’ll also save money with a high-quality building at a fraction of the cost; also, think of the expenses saved on a shorter project timeline. Paragon Space will help you stay on schedule and on budget.

A ready-to-use space

We know the difference that attention to detail makes. We’ll think about those finishing touches that turn your new modular building from a premises into an effective space. Our dedicated team will make sure that everything is finished and installed. We’ll install HVAC systems to keep your area comfortable, fit all the electrical and plumbing requirements and complete the interior finishes.

Paragon Space Turnkey Modular Buildings

We want you to feel completely confident that we have managed the delivery of your new modular building from start to finish. With modular buildings, you won’t experience any unexpected delays, and your new building will be delivered and installed on a date agreed with you. Once delivered, you’ll just turn the key, and your building will be ready for business.

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