We manufacture premier modular buildings.

We Are A Leading Modular Building Company In The UK.

At Paragon Space, we create innovative and bespoke modular buildings designed to provide you with exactly what your business needs. Our modular buildings are built to order and ready to go in around 6-8 weeks. Your business can benefit from new sustainable space with minial disruption.

Whether you need new offices or extra classroom space, Paragon Space are experts in delivering dependable and cost-effective solutions. Our friendly team is dedicated to ensuring your new building has everything you need for a productive and comfortable working space.

We provide a fully bespoke service, with complete choice in layout, fixtures and external finish. Need to make the most of your site? Our buildings are available with multi-storey options to fully utilise your location.

We can support your business no matter what your requirement. If you need a building on a temporary basis or a portable cabin to move around various sites, Paragon Space have the space for you.

Why Choose Paragon Space?

We have over 15 years’ experience in the modular building industry. All our buildings are manufactured and built to order at our site based near Hull. Our commitment to quality makes us one of the leading modular building companies in the UK.

You can be assured of long-lasting buildings that are high quality, cost-effective and easy to maintain. With a collaborative design process, you can create a bespoke space to give you exactly what your business is looking for.

We help you to find the perfect space for your business, school, sports or healthcare premises. Our range of high-standard customised buildings offers a reliable and sustainable solution for your business premises.

Building regulation-compliant buildings

A 25-year structural warranty.

Quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

Cost-effective and competitive pricing

Assembled on site

Quality building components used throughout.

Technical Specifications

We supply exceptional modular buildings that comply with current building regulations. All of our buildings include the following key elements so you can be assured of dependable quality.

  • Fully welded steel frame construction
  • Clad-Ex external finish
  • Secure steel entrance doors with multi-locking points
  • UPVC double-glazed windows
  • Suspended ceiling tiles
  • Vinyl-faced plasterboard walls
  • Choice of carpet tiles or vinyl flooring in a choice of colours
  • Full mechanical and electrical fit-out, including Heat/Cool AC units

A modular building from Paragon Space comes with assured quality. Premium buildings come as standard, and all the above is included in all our buildings.

Internal and external finishes can be changed to your preference. We have Cedar or Brick Slip exterior finishes that make your building look great. Internally, we can fit painted plasterboard, or hygienic wall finishes to suit your requirements. Tell us what you need, and we can provide it.

We are sustainable.

We are committed to a greener future for the construction industry. Modular buildings are an incredible alternative for businesses looking for an eco-friendly solution for their premises. The modular construction method promotes green initiatives with a quality-controlled process and sustainable materials at its core.

Factory manufacturing allows for a monitored production process, which reduces carbon emissions and results in less waste. Off-site construction results in less transportation and less disruption on site, which is a huge benefit to our environment.

We use high-quality materials that can be reused and recycled. The robust nature of modular buildings means that they will last for years. If you decide to move premises, they can also be disassembled and reinstalled on a new site. Modular buildings can also be resold to another business if you no longer require them, adding to their unique sustainability.



What is a modular building?
Modular building is the term for buildings made from one or more prefabricated sections (also known as modules). Rather than being constructed on-site like traditional buildings, modular buildings are fabricated in a factory in sections before being assembled on-site to create a temporary or permanent building.

What are the advantages of modular buildings?
Modular construction is much faster and more cost-effective than traditional construction and offers complete flexibility and adaptability. You can decide the size, layout, and overall aesthetic of the building, as well as how any furniture, equipment, and technology will be integrated into its interior. We can also install additional modules when you want to expand.

Are modular buildings sustainable?
Yes, our manufacturing facility revolves around environmentally friendly processes ensuring any overflow materials are either repurposed or recycled, keeping waste to an absolute minimum. Due to modular buildings being manufactured with modern materials, they are also energy efficient and offer high levels of thermal retention. Our buildings can also be refurbished and relocated, which prevents them from going to landfill.

Is planning permission required for a modular building?
Yes, planning permission is required for all permanent Modular buildings, but we recommend that you speak to your local Planning Authority for guidance; we can assist with your Planning Application.

Talk to us about modular buildings.

We are dedicated to delivering modern modular buildings that suit your requirements. Speak to our friendly team to get your project off the ground.

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