We deliver hard-wearing portable buildings.

We Are One Of The Uk’s Premier Portable Building Companies.

Paragon Space are experts at designing, manufacturing and delivering quality portable buildings to keep your business moving. All of our buildings are made to order to ensure complete quality control, which means they can be tailored to your needs.

Our buildings are made to withstand the toughest conditions. This makes them long-lasting and even better value for money. A portable building from Paragon Space is perfect for many industries and environments.

A portable building from Paragon Space offers high-quality flexibility for a wide range of uses. Whether you need extra classroom space, office space for a construction site, a rest area or bathroom facilities, portable cabins are ideal.

And, if you need additional space quickly, portable buildings are the perfect answer. Jackleg cabins are designed for a hassle-free installation without the need for digging out foundations. So, if you are looking for a swift solution for your business Paragon Space can have your building ready to go in a matter of weeks.

We offer a fully bespoke service, so your portable building can be everything you need it to be. We have a full range of fixtures and fittings to allow you to tailor the space to your requirements. We’ll help you through the design process to make sure that nothing is left out.

We can support your business no matter what your requirement. Paragon Space has space for you if you need a building on a temporary basis or a portable cabin to move around various sites.

Why Choose Paragon Space?

We take pride in being at the forefront of the modular building industry in the UK. We think that proof is in the finish of our top-notch portable buildings.

At Paragon Space, your project takes centre stage. We’re dedicated to producing high-quality buildings that are perfect for your business requirements. We’ll discuss your needs and keep you involved throughout the process.

When time is not on your side, and you need extra space quick, you can count on Paragon Space. We’ll deliver your new building faster than traditional construction methods. We’ll provide cost-effective yet premium new office, classroom or bathroom facilities that are hard-wearing and sustainable.

Building regulation-compliant buildings

A 25-year structural warranty.

Quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

Cost-effective and competitive pricing

Assembled on site

Quality building components used throughout.

We are sustainable.

We are committed to a greener future for the construction industry. Portable buildings are an incredible alternative for businesses looking for an eco-friendly solution for their premises. The construction method for portable cabins offers a green solution through a quality-controlled process using sustainable materials.

Factory manufacturing allows for a monitored production process, which reduces carbon emissions and results in less waste. Off-site construction results in less transportation and less disruption on site, which is a huge benefit to our environment.

We use high-quality materials that can be reused and recycled. Portable cabins are built to be durable, which means they will last for years. They are also designed to be easily relocated to a new site if you need to move your facilities. Portable buildings can also be resold to another business if you no longer require them, adding to their unique sustainability.



What is a portable building?

A portable building is a temporary or semi-permanent structure that can be easily moved and installed in different locations.

What are the benefits of portable buildings?

Portable buildings can be installed quickly, are cost-effective, can be used for many different things and can be relocated easily. They offer a great solution for temporary or urgent space requirements.

Are portable buildings durable and safe?

Yes, portable buildings are built to withstand various weather conditions and are designed to meet safety standards.

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