Are Modular Buildings Sustainable?

19 November 2022

In conjunction with the UK Green Building Council, approximately 400 million tonnes of materials are used in the UK construction industry every year, so you can imagine how new eco-friendly building supplies and methods, such as our own modular buildings, could potentially play a key role in reducing the overall carbon footprint and impact on the environment in the UK’s development sector Read article

Modular Buildings Offer Multiple Advantages

16 May 2022

We work with commercial and industrial businesses, local authorities, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities to bring the highest standard of modular buildings to sites across the UK. If you’re new to modular construction and trying to decide whether it’s the right choice for your next upgrade or expansion project, we’ve put together a list of advantages that you’ Read article

Are Modern Modular Buildings Sustainable

01 April 2022

As a modular building manufacturer, we work closely with our clients to develop affordable and energy-efficient solutions to their needs.

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Planning Permission for Modular Buildings

27 March 2022

A hot topic often asked when people investigate modular buildings, is “does it need planning permission?”. This is particularly pertinent to those who do not plan on using a modular building for the long term. We have gathered this information for you, in hopes to shed some light on the world of planning permission for modular buildings. You should be able to learn about the differe Read article

Modular Buildings for Education

01 March 2022

Modular buildings are the up-and-coming construction method of the 21st century, offering multiple benefits over their traditional build counterparts. You may automatically assume that a modular building is just like a storage unit or a shipping container, but these days, they are full skyscrapers and modern, high-end apartment complexes. The limit of modular buildings is your imagination and b Read article

The Complete Guide to Modular Office Building Design and Construction

22 February 2022

A modular office building is also known as a 'modular'. It refers to the construction of prefabricated, off-site components assembled on site.

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