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Modular Hire Buildings

Hiring a modular building is a great alternative for those businesses looking to quickly expand for the most affordable cost. Keep the cash flow looking healthy and opt for cost-effective portable building hire with us.

From as little as £100 per week, you can hire a brand new, custom designed modular building that meets your requirements and specifications exactly. We specialise in buildings for offices, construction sites, school classrooms and more.

Our portable building hire process could not be simpler. We’ll work with you to put together a payment plan that fits your businesses needs and won’t damage the cash flow.

This way, we can ensure new modulars are readily available for any expanding business.

Along with the obvious affordability of hiring a prefabricated building you can expect a whole host of benefits when you choose to hire. We also provide custom built modular classrooms and modular office buildings for business and enterprise.


Benefits of hiring a portable building

There are endless benefits to choosing modular over a traditional construction brick and mortar permanent building. A prefab building is an excellent alternative in almost all cases.

Here are a few key benefits of hiring a modular building;

  • Much cheaper than traditional brick and mortar buildings, allowing for investment in other key areas of your business.
  • Custom built to fit your exact requirements. We’ll fit all the furnishings you may need, whether you’re looking for an office, classroom or other building.
  • Quick deployment and installation. You can hire a portable building and have it on-site much faster than developing a traditional building. This allows for rapid expansion of your business.
  • Pay what you want. We’ll work with you to work out a financial plan that suits you perfectly. You can hire a building with us from as little as £100 per week. With flexible terms and fixed costs, you’ll have peace of mind and benefit from our fantastic service and value.


What you can hire from us

We’re specialist modular building manufacturers with over 20 years of experience in developing bespoke solutions for a wide range of varying businesses and industries.

We can provide high quality building solutions for any industry both as a temporary building or as a long term working environment.

With our hiring service, you will benefit from the same capabilities of our regular buying service. This means we’ll be able to produce a new building based upon your requirements and any specifications you may have. This includes modular offices, classrooms, construction site buildings and many more.


Why choose Paragon Space

Almost ready to get started? Here’s a few benefits of choosing Paragon Space for your next project;

  • Cost-effective and efficient buildings suited to modern working environments
  • Adaptable to the needs of your business
  • Cost-effective and efficient buildings
  • Full service from design, installation & removal
  • Flexible range of options to suit the needs of business owners
  • Temporary and Portable buildings available

So, if you’re interested in our modular building hire services, you can contact us here. Or, if you’re not sure on hiring, you can see our used buildings for sale and manufacturing service here.

Benefits of working with Paragon Space

Fully tailored hire service

Highly cost-effective option

Work can be carried out remotely

In-house site teams

Fully qualified personnel

Fully project managed

Healthy and safety compliant