As the population in the UK continues to grow, it is an ongoing challenge for our schools to accommodate fluctuating student numbers. Modular buildings provide a quick and flexible solution when schools need to manage classroom space. Many schools have used modular classrooms as a cost-effective answer to a growing demand for educational facilities. Gone are the days of the draughty grey boxes that many of us remember from our school days. Modern modular school buildings provide comfortable and inspirational learning spaces that feel anything but temporary.


According to the ONS (Office of National Statistics), the UK population is currently over 67 million and is expected to rise to over 70 million by 2029. This increase in our country’s population is reflected in the growth of school-age children. The government website, Gov.UK, reported a student headcount of nearly 9.1 million in the academic year 2022/2023. Those student numbers demonstrated an increase of almost 74,000 from the previous year. The statistics published by both the ONS and Gov.UK clearly illustrate the pressures experienced by schools up and down the country. While the rise in school-aged children creates a requirement for additional places in our schools, schools have to deal with fluctuating numbers each year. Whether due to changing birth rates or migration, each academic year provides different challenges for our schools to manage. Modular buildings offer great working spaces for many industries. The nature of their flexibility and modern fixtures and fittings makes them perfect for schools. In this article, we’ll explore how modular buildings benefit educational institutions that are trying to manage a growing student population.


Modular buildings are being seen as a viable option for many businesses as an answer to expanding or replacing current workspaces. As an alternative to traditionally built construction, modular buildings are constructed in a factory setting, which offers several advantages. These benefits have a notable impact on businesses that are particularly relevant for schools that need to address growing student numbers.

Quick to install

There are a couple of reasons that mean that modular buildings can be installed so quickly. Firstly, they are constructed in a controlled factory setting, which means they are less likely to be impacted by outside forces like the weather. Also, because they are constructed out of ‘modules’, they are quick to build, even allowing for any bespoke features your school may require. A modular building can be ready for use within 6 weeks from the point of order. The speed of construction means that you can have new classrooms installed during the summer holidays. Your new learning spaces will be ready for use when your students return.

Minimal disruption

Another benefit to modular school buildings being built in a factory setting is reducing disruption on your school grounds. Traditional construction can take months, with messy and loud works interrupting lessons and causing potential risks to students and staff. Modular buildings require fewer groundworks, and the buildings are transported onto the site when they are finished. The installation process takes a couple of days, meaning that construction workers and heavy machinery spend less time on school grounds.

Temporary or permanent solutions

Whilst modular buildings have often been viewed as a temporary solution, modular buildings can be used as a long-term answer. With this flexibility, your school can consider a modular building for as long as you need it. Whether for a term, a year, 25 years or more.

Modular buildings are built using high-quality materials, allowing them to stand the test of time. It is fair to say that any classroom needs to be hard-wearing to withstand everything that school life will throw at them. Many modular buildings come with structural and design warranties to give your education facility peace of mind.

Versatile learning spaces

Modular buildings offer a highly bespoke option for many sectors. Your modular building partner will work with you to understand the needs of your classroom space. Classrooms will be constructed with all the necessary facilities, ensuring plenty of power points and high-tech audio-visual presentation equipment.

The customisable nature of modular classrooms means that they are flexible enough to be used for whatever you need. Modular buildings provide versatility whether you need a music suite with added acoustics and soundproofing or science labs with non-slip floors and technical benches. A modular building accommodates teaching for a wide range of subjects.

The versatility of modular buildings creates a customisable solution that manages the changing needs of education. If you need to adapt your space from one use to another, modular buildings give you that flexibility to change. This flexibility ensures that your modular classroom has a long life, promoting sustainability and cost efficiency.

Sustainability for the future

Our schools are the best place to promote sustainability and protect our environment. Providing our youngsters with environmentally friendly school buildings helps to educate them on green issues.

Modular buildings are constructed using sustainable and recyclable materials, and the manufacturing process produces less waste than traditional constructions. They are also designed to be more energy efficient.


Taking all these points into account highlights one of the greatest benefits of utilising modular buildings for expanding your classroom space

cost efficiency. All schools have to operate under tight budgets, and modular buildings offer an economical solution to the demand for extra space.

Modular buildings can be completed for around 50% less cost than a traditional build. The reduced build time on site means less labour costs. The factory setting reduces material costs whilst encouraging strict quality control. And the energy efficiency reduces long-term operating costs.


As we have discovered, modular buildings are an excellent choice if your school needs to accommodate an influx of students. Going with a modular option for your learning spaces means you can respond to the need for extra space quickly. You can also extend your educational spaces whilst making the most of tight budgets.As schools see student numbers increase over the coming years, modular classrooms will provide comfortable learning spaces to handle the influx of students. Ensuring students have inspirational classrooms is essential to their development, and modular classrooms can deliver a cost-effective solution to help tackle the problem.


At Paragon Space, we have over 30 years of experience in modular buildings. Our team have provided usable spaces for many sectors and industries. We have a thorough understanding of how modular buildings can complement your school environment.Our design team will help you to make the most of your modular classrooms and provide advice on fixtures and fittings. We are available to answer any questions and will support you throughout the development. We will ensure your school receives all the assistance you need to cope with the rising demand for school spaces.Contact the friendly team at Paragon Space today, and we’ll get your modular classroom off the ground.

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