The UK construction industry is constantly under pressure to innovate in terms of its processes and results. From economic pressures to improving sustainability, construction companies face a host of challenges. Modular buildings provide a solution for firms to transform not only their operations but also the results they deliver.

Modular building companies have been transforming the construction industry for years and continue to find innovative answers to business operations. Modular buildings offer businesses flexibility along with reduced timelines and costs. According to the Modular and Portable Building Association (MPBA), nearly 40% of UK construction projects now incorporate some form of off-site construction.

The benefits of modular buildings stretch beyond the final construction project result. Modular buildings can also prove to be useful to the construction industry itself. Paragon Space manufactures modular buildings for many sectors, including the construction industry.


Versatile Modular Buildings

The versatility of modular buildings has proven to be incredibly useful for construction companies during the development of projects. Many modular building companies provide a selection of buildings, from cabins to portable and modular buildings. Depending on their use, companies can find a solution that works.

From smaller jackleg cabins for construction site cabins through to larger installations, a modular building is a cost-effective answer. Modular buildings provide a flexibility that would not be possible with traditional construction.

Construction sites often have cabins for a site office, which works particularly well for smaller sites or shorter projects. However, for a larger project, sites have wider considerations that mean further facilities need to be provided.


image shows a construction project underway. A concrete building with scaffolding

Diverse Construction Site Needs

A construction project needs to provide many amenities, from office space to accommodation. A construction site has a wide variety of personnel on site, including administration staff and labourers. Each of these people has different needs on a construction site, and they all need to be catered to.

Many construction sites require administrative functions, and modular buildings provide an excellent solution for office space. From general administration to project planning, staff need to be on site to build a more productive construction project. Providing office space on site removes the need for staff to travel between sites, saving time and money.

Having office space available on a construction site gives a clean and comfortable space to conduct meetings. Clients can visit the site safely to review progress and have a suitable space to discuss the ongoing project development.

Staff welfare on a construction site also needs to be considered. Administrative staff and construction workers need space for rest periods and food preparation. Construction workers and labourers also need space to get changed and wash. If a construction site is particularly remote, modular buildings can also be used for on-site accommodation.


Developing modular construction

Modular buildings have revolutionised the construction industry by providing flexible support to infrastructure. Whether a project needs a construction site office or additional welfare facilities for skilled labour, a modular building can support you. From standard cabins right up to multi-storey premises, modular buildings are completely customisable.

The adaptable nature of modular buildings also makes them perfect for the ongoing use of construction firms. Long-term construction projects, like infrastructure improvements, benefit from modular buildings designed to have the same look and feel as permanent structures. Alternatively, short-term projects can benefit from modular buildings being able to be disassembled and moved to another site.


A two-story black modular building with blue trim has an external staircase and ladder. It is situated on a concrete platform, and a crane is visible in the background.

The advantages of modular buildings in the construction industry

There are many benefits to considering modular buildings on your construction site.


Construction firms are under increasing pressure to manage tight budgets. Any money spent on the infrastructure of the project itself will impact the final cost to the client. The end client will most likely be managing budgets of their own.

Modular building construction is a very cost-effective construction process. The factory construction method helps to keep building and material costs low. The reduced waste and efficient labour all help to produce a budget-friendly option for construction.


Construction sites are tough environments, and any premises on-site need to withstand those conditions. Modular buildings are constructed with steel frames and finished with high-quality, hard-wearing materials.

The durability of modular buildings also adds to their flexibility. Modular buildings can be disassembled and moved to another site as construction projects move on.


Modular buildings are incredibly flexible and can be designed to your exact requirements. Clients can design the configuration to create open-plan spaces or separate rooms and private spaces.

Additional fixtures and features can be installed to customise a modular building for various uses. Data ports and networks can be incorporated to create productive office spaces. Utilities are essential for developing areas like kitchens and washing facilities.


Construction companies are under increasing pressure to reduce their impact on the environment. Modular buildings are known for being a greener option for construction when compared to traditional building methods.

The off-site construction means a quicker and more controlled manufacturing process. According to WRAP, the factory manufacturing reduces waste by up to 90%, and the materials used are recyclable. Modular building requires less groundwork, which results in reduced impact on the environment.


Paragon Space delivers quality buildings for the construction industry

Modular buildings provide a comfortable and efficient option for business premises for a wide variety of sectors. The construction industry can benefit from flexible spaces to cover all the facilities that a construction site needs. Regardless of the size of the project, modular buildings offer a scalability that you won’t find with traditional construction. 

Paragon Space has over 15 years of experience creating and installing productive, cost-effective modular buildings. Our expertise can help you deliver construction projects effectively and within budget.

Speak to our friendly team to find out how we can keep your construction project moving.

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