The places where we work have a huge effect on how a business performs. Evaluating your work premises can improve productivity, creativity and overall efficiency. Business owners are always looking to optimise work environments to enhance employee satisfaction and operations. Portable cabins are an effective solution for many companies and can help improve the efficiency of your business.

Portable cabins are often viewed as dirty, lifeless and draughty boxes shoved on the side of a plot. However, portable buildings provide flexible workspaces, and there is so much more to them than many people think.


What makes an efficient workspace?

To create an efficient working environment, regardless of the type of building, we need to understand what we need. An efficient workspace isn't just about completing tasks; it has to be carefully designed to promote productivity, collaboration and wellbeing. So, what are the key characteristics of an efficient workspace?

Flexibility and adaptability

A successful business needs space that can adapt to changing needs. Whether it's a sudden increase in workforce or a change in focus, your workspace needs to respond. A reconfigurable space can ensure your business is always ready for changing demands.

Optimal use of space

Maximising every inch of space is essential. Carefully consider the layout of your space to make the most of your workspace. Prevent clutter, allow for easy movement around the space and create areas for different tasks. Think about whether your space allows for solo tasks and team projects.

Comfortable and ergonomic

Employee wellbeing is directly linked to productivity, so it makes sense to ensure they are comfortable. Ergonomic furniture, proper lighting, ventilation and heating help employees work comfortably for extended periods.

Technology integration

Having technology readily available and securely connected is essential for any business. An efficient workspace should have quick access to online resources and plenty of power outlets.

Aesthetics and environment

Having pride in your working environment massively impacts productivity. Natural light and greenery are all proven to increase productivity. Location and outside space also have a positive effect on employee wellbeing.


An empty room with a dark blue carpet, a closed wooden door, and two windows with views of greenery. White walls feature hooks for hanging items.

How to improve your workspace

If you are thinking about making changes to your business premises, you should take the points we've discussed into consideration. To improve the efficiency of your workspace, here are some steps you can take.

Conduct a workspace audit

Evaluate your current space and how it is being used. Identify areas of inefficiency, such as underutilised spaces, cramped workstations or outdated equipment.

Apply flexible layouts

Where possible, consider open-plan designs but utilise movable partitions. This allows you to reconfigure your space as you need it. For example, you can quickly change a collaborative space into a private area depending on what you are doing.

Upgrade furniture

Invest in adjustable chairs, desks and other ergonomic accessories. Also, make sure that lighting is functional and reduces glare and eye strain.

Increase Technology

Technology is always changing, so try to stay as up-to-date as possible. Make sure your internet infrastructure is upgraded regularly. Include data ports and power outlets to ensure everyone can stay online.

Decorate your space

Incorporate colours that boost productivity and promote your corporate identity. Bring the outside in with pleasing plants and make sure there is as much natural light as possible.


Portable Cabins are a perfect workspace solution

Any business looking for a flexible and efficient solution to their workspace requirements can consider a portable building. Portable cabins are well-known for their versatility which is perfect for companies needing fast and comfortable workspaces. Portable cabins can address each of the points we've considered in this article.

Unmatched flexibility

Portable cabins can be easily relocated and reconfigured to meet the changing needs of your business. They are ideal whether you need a temporary office or extra space. Add to that, the fact that they can be installed so quickly, means they are completely responsive to your needs.

Space efficiency

Unlike the old portable cabins, their modern alternatives come in a range of sizes and layouts. You can choose whatever configuration you like, and you can even design your space exactly as you need it. They can also be stacked to make even greater use of your available space.

Complete comfort

Modern portable buildings are designed with comfort in mind. They are built using top-quality insulation and are fitted with heating and cooling systems, providing a comfortable year-round working environment.


Portable cabins can be fitted with all the latest requirements for a secure and productive technological infrastructure. They include wiring for power and network cabling for the internet. Portable cabins give your staff access to all the tools they need to stay productive.

Aesthetic Appeal

Portable buildings aren't the same cheap, drab grey boxes that they used to be. Nowadays, they can be whatever you want, from warm timber cladding to branded vinyl wrapping. Portable cabins include high-quality finishes and large windows. They are much more appealing work environments than they used to be.


Portable cabins are the answer for any situation

The versatility of portable cabins makes them perfect for many applications, meaning that most sectors and industries can utilise them.


Building companies use portable cabins to provide office space for administration staff and welfare areas for labourers. Their durability makes portable cabins ideal for harsh construction site environments.

Marketing Suites

In an extension to the construction industry, many builders use portable buildings as marketing suites. These spaces give companies a comfortable space to greet visitors and conduct negotiations with potential buyers.


The speed of installation of portable buildings means they are a solution to sectors needing responsive space. If schools experience an influx of students or need space during repairs or renovations, portable buildings can provide the answer.

Event Management

Portable cabins are flexible and easily relocated, which makes them an excellent solution for temporary or seasonal events.


Portable cabins have proven to provide productive spaces in remote areas, which means they can be used for clinics in hard-to-reach places. Portable buildings also provide healthcare trusts with a responsive option for urgent needs.


Paragon Space modular building manufacturing plant in Hull

Quality Portable Cabins from Paragon Space 

Paragon Space has been manufacturing portable cabins in Hull for over 10 years. Our experience delivering the highest-standard portable buildings nationwide means we understand your business's needs.

We build and install flexible, durable and comfortable workspaces across a range of industries. We can supply a working environment that helps your business to be more productive and efficient.

Speak to a member of our team today to discover our range of top-quality portable cabins.

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