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The Many Benefits of Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are the perfect solution for all kinds of businesses and organisations. Over the years, Paragon Space has manufactured and supplied a range of modular building designs for schools, colleges, office premises, sport and recreational facilities, and public sector sites across Hull, East Yorkshire and far beyond.

We don’t just specialise in modular construction and installation, we can also refurbish  and remove existing modular buildings. This means that no matter what you need, all you have to do is get in touch with the helpful team here at Paragon Space.

We get a lot of new customers asking us why modular buildings are such an excellent option, so here are some of the top reasons why you should consider them for your business:


We build them off-site

Construction can be a very noisy, messy and disruptive process, so you’ll be pleased to hear that our modular buildings are constructed in our own facility. We then transport the buildings to your site and install them in no time at all.


Bespoke design

Many people think of modular buildings as being very limited when it comes to application, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. We stock a wide range of used modular buildings that can become anything from classrooms to cycle hubs, but our most popular service is modular building design and construction. This allows you to choose exactly how the end result will look and feel, factoring in crucial elements such as size, layout, accessibility, its overall aesthetic and even the integration of furniture, equipment and technology. When we say bespoke design, we really mean it!


Save on cost

Modular buildings truly are a cost-effective solution. Aside from the fact that Paragon Space is committed to affordability, you also don’t have to worry about the cost that comes with traditional construction projects, such as delays in weather, other trades holding the project up. As a result of working directly with the manufacturer, you cut out the middleman and the associated bill.


Speed of build

Thanks to our team of modular construction specialists being highly skilled and experienced at what they do, the speed of build is dramatically increased. Even if you have a very tight deadline, we’re sure to get it done on time.


Structural durability

Our modular buildings are designed, built and installed with durability and resilience as core factors. This means that you can use them for any kind of application you wish and never have to worry about them becoming a safety risk or unfit for purpose.

For added peace of mind, all our buildings comply with English, Scottish and Welsh Building Regulations, including Part L2a and Part M, plus we can provide fully HBN/HTM healthcare buildings.


Unparalleled versatility

The beauty of modular construction is that a building can be adapted as your business grows. If you need more space, we can add additional modules at any time to create a bigger space, or if you need to downsize, we can remove it, it’s a very flexible system.


Find out more

Interested in discovering how modular buildings can help your business to evolve and grow? Get in touch today on 01482 890705 or use our contact form and one of our team will help you to choose the perfect solution.