Buildings for sale

Paragon Space manufactures portable buildings to order. With facilities available within 4-6 weeks, you can quickly enjoy the return on investment. These portable buildings allow greater flexibility for any sector and usage, such as offices, site setups, etc. The jackleg cabins allow for immediate installation on-site without the hassle of foundation setting, but with all the benefits of external finishing and attractive design. If you are unsure if you want to hire or buy a portable building, our team can help. We have many options available and happy to chat with you threw them all.


Portable Buildings for Sale

Find modular buildings for sale at Paragon Space for a wide range of different industries. On this page, you’ll see the list of our currently available used portable buildings, where you can view key information including their dimensions and price. Take a look at those you’re interested in and view more detail, including key features and the number of rooms.


Paragon Space offer portable buildings for any number of sectors. Our portable buildings can be designed to your specification, be it a single or multi-storey, a classroom, office or more. We tailor our portable buildings to your needs, budgets, and expectations, so you have a structure precisely to your specification.
With our ability to build to your specification, I ensure that you get the exact product you need to get the most use out of it possible. Portable buildings are a great alternative to linear construction and traditional building design, but with none of the drawbacks. As a result, not only are portable buildings more efficient, but they are also cost-effective and cheaper than their traditional counterparts.
Our portable buildings save big with sustainable techniques, such as off-site manufacturing, material savings, reduced waste and environmentally friendly products.


Portable buildings for sale
Portable buildings are significant for a wide range of industries. For example, they make excellent offices for construction sites or bathrooms at temporary events like festivals. Portable buildings can also provide safe and secure facilities for valuables or medical locations. Our portable buildings can come fully equipped with the facilities you need to get your job done, fulfil your needs and meet your specifications.


Why choose portable buildings?
Portable buildings are accessible to smaller businesses and big corporations as a way to expand their business and facilitate their growing and changing needs. It significantly reduces the considerable upfront cost of development. In addition, it reduces any significant loss if you sell your portable building later. They are considered flexible thanks to their hireable option. This means you can only have the structure for a set amount of time rather than committing to a permanent build.

Why choose paragon space?
If you’re looking to buy a portable building, here’s why you should choose Paragon Space as your supplier.

Our portable buildings are rigorously checked and supplied with a warranty. In addition, we only stock quality pre-approved buildings and manufacture our new portable buildings to the highest standards.
All our prefabricated buildings have a full appraisal followed by the appropriate refurbishment. This removes the risk of you being unhappy with the construction or having any unnecessary defects. All our buildings are checked to high-quality standards to ensure you get the best product.
All our customers have different needs, so the best way to guide you through the process is to call our expert sales team. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and talk through your buying process.
As trusted portable building providers, we will deliver and install your building for you in Hull, Yorkshire or anywhere across the whole of the UK and Europe.