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Some people still have the idea that Modular Buildings are ‘Temporary Buildings’, this is definitely NOT the case. The majority of Modular Buildings are now classed as permanent buildings and a new Modular Building from Paragon Space comes with a 25 Year Structural warranty and a 60-year design life. However, we understand many of our Customers are still unsure what a Modular Building is and what the requirements are, here are some of the more commonly asked questions:

What Is A Modular Building?
Modular building is the term used to describe buildings that are made from one or more pre-fabricated sections (also known as modules). Rather than being constructed on-site like traditional buildings, they are fabricated in a factory in sections before being assembled on-site to create a temporary or permanent building. Just as with traditional structures, modular buildings can come in a huge range of sizes and configurations, styles, and finishes. Modules can be put together in a wide range of designs, from single story layouts, to buildings that are multiple storeys high, they are sometimes called prefabricated buildings. Because of this they provide a very high quality product at a competitive cost.
What Is Our Process?
Initially, we’ll listen to you and your requirements to work out exactly what you need before creating a modular construction and building design that ticks each checkbox. We pride ourselves on our quality service and will keep you informed through every step of the journey. Starting with the basic design and running through the stages of planning, manufacture, ground works, installation, fit out, steps and ramps; your building will cater to needs that can range from accessibility and visibility to internal arrangement and modern technology. But it doesn't end there, as we also provide expert landscaping to remove all evidence that the area was ever a construction site, making it ready for immediate use whilst adhering to strict health and safety standards. The final stage is the handover process, with Paragon Space talking you through features and applications in detail whilst ensuring that the information is digestible and designed for easy future reference. We're dedicated to making the entire process as smooth and stress-free as possible, giving you a building that will stand the test of time and take whatever your industry may throw at it.
What materials are used in modular construction?
Whilst traditional construction requires a lot of bricks and mortar, modular buildings are usually made from a wooden frame and fitted with drywall. The lighter nature of the building makes it much faster and easter to install on your site, all while retaining structural integrity thanks to exceptional engineering and craftsmanship. For added peace of mind, all of our buildings comply with English, Scottish and Welsh Building Regulations, including Part L2a and Part M, plus we can provide fully HBN/HTM healthcare buildings.
What are the advantages of modular construction?
Modular construction is much faster and cost-effective than traditional construction. The modular buildings are manufactured in our own facility and then installed on your site very quickly by our team, which also reduces noise, disruption and safety risks on your premises.
What are the advantages of prefabricated buildings?
Aside from being a faster and more cost-effective option, modular buildings offer total flexibility and adaptability. You can decide the size, layout and overall aesthetic of the building, as well as how any furniture, equipment and technology will be integrated into its interior. On top of this, we can install additional modules when you want to expand.
Are civil engineers needed in modular construction?
Paragon Space has an in-house team of specialists who cover every area of modular construction. As a result, we provide a turnkey solution that includes everything you need to get your modular building in place very quickly.
Is prefabricated sustainable?
Modular buildings are a very sustainable solution. First of all, our used modular buildings have been removed from their original sites and refurbished, which prevents them from being sent to landfill. Our new buildings are also sustainable, as they can be adapted and relocated as required. Our manufacturing facility revolves around environmentally friendly processes too, as we ensure that any overflow materials are either repurposed or recycled, keeping waste to an absolute minimum. Due to modular buildings being manufactured with modern materials, they’re also energy efficient and offer high levels of thermal retention.
Is precast concrete better than modular buildings?
Though more efficient than casting concrete on site, precast concrete still has its limitations compared to modular construction. Concrete is very heavy and bulky, making it expensive to transport and creating a larger carbon footprint as a result. Cracks can also form in precast concrete, whereas modular buildings are created using the highest standard of timber framework. This also makes the installation of a modular building a much faster process for the supplier and the customer.
What is offsite construction?
Once we’ve visited your site to determine what you need, we manufacture our modular buildings in our own factory. This means that the construction process is reduced to simply installing the building on your premises when it’s ready.
How Much Does A Modular Building Cost?
Modular buildings prices vary depending on size, use and specification. We are confident we won’t be beaten on a like for like basis and we also have the advantage of being able to offer fully refurbished units with an approximate saving of 20% on new builds!
Is Planning Permission Required?
Yes - Planning Permission is required for all permanent Modular buildings but we recommend that you speak to your local Planning Authority for guidance, we can assist with your Planning Application.
Do your buildings comply with Building Regulations?
Yes – our buildings are manufactured to comply with English, Scottish and Welsh Building Regulations, including Part L2a and Part M, we also provided fully HBN/HTM healthcare buildings.
Do you manufacture your own units?
Yes – all our buildings are manufacture here in our factory in East Yorkshire and we welcome clients to come and see the buildings during manufacture. Make sure you are dealing direct with the manufacturer and not paying for the ‘middle man’.
Can you help with design?
Yes – we have our own in-house design team who will assist with any design questions you may have and will produce CAD drawings to your requirements.
Do you offer a Turnkey Solution?
Yes – we are your one-stop shop for Modular and Portable Buildings. We will take care of everything for you including the foundations, services, steps & ramps etc.

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