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Modular Building Manufacturers

Paragon Space have been manufacturing new modular buildings for over 20 years and our expert builders are able to create bespoke portable buildings based on your specific needs. We have worked across the UK in a range of industry sectors including schools & councils as well as manufacturing bespoke sport & recreational facilities and construction site offices.

Each of the modular buildings we produce is;

  • Designed to meet your specific needs, be it a new or a used modular building
  • Manufactured to the highest possible standard using a fully welded steel frame
  • Delivered & installed at a time that works within your schedule
  • Fully functional, so you don't have to worry about, electric, heating or flooring
  • Modern in their design and build, with a range of finishes available to suit your environment

We pride our success on providing a cost-effective solution, a one-to-one service all whilst maintaining the highest possible quality, so you know you'll be receiving a prefabricated or modular building that is built to last.

We don't only manufacture modular buildings, take a look at our other modular building services or contact us for more information about your building project today. 

Benefits of working with Paragon Space

Full service from start to finish

Buildings manufactured to your needs

Wide range of modular buildings available 

High quality & modern building materials and techniques

Flexibility to suit any specific requirements

Delivered & installed at a time to suit